Neighborhood Elementary School

Tucson, Arizona
Arch 451 - 5th year
Prof. Martin Despang
Team: Rachel Tivnan, Dalal Alqattan, Marie Taylor, Jackie Thomasson
Rhinocerous, Autocad, Photoshop, Illustrator, Model Building, Digital Fabrication

Through focusing on the concepts of materiality and school design, this group project began with studying interesting aluminum materials for new uses. The canopy in this model is intended to use that knowledge; by using an aluminum foam product, the canopy would essentially mitigate the natural day light in a fashion as natural as forest foliage.

This type of lighting has shown to increase focus and learning in educational spaces for children. The overall project continued this use of natural materials in rammed earth construction, reusing earth after excavating the space as a safer setting for children and water retention.

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